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Any installation problems


Windows often prevents the installation of applications from unknown sources. To work around this problem, proceed as illustrated in the image below.


The installation of Sims Physics goes smoothly without any problems. However, access to the application may be prevented, as shown in the message in the figure below.

In this case, just open the macOS terminal and type the following command line:

sudo xattr -rd /Applications/

Then open the file normally by double-clicking its icon.

Note the location where the SimuFísica application is located. If it's in a folder other than the default folder Applications, change the last part of the command to /novoCaminho/


For the file in AppImage format, clicking on it may cause the system to open a dialog box stating that the file type is unknown. In that case, perform the following steps:

Open the terminal and enter the folder where the file is:

cd Downloads

Continuously, type

chmod u+x simufisica-x.x.x.AppImage

Then open the file normally by double-clicking its icon.

In case of doubts or other problems, please contact [email protected].